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The first way :
select the video you want to download, play the video until it is finished, do not close your browser. Search / tmp in the Filesystem. There is a file extension. flash and then copy the files. flash. After that play video on your favorite video player.

The second way :
install youtube-dl application with the following syntax:
sudo apt-get install youtube-dl
then copy the url of the video that you select in syntak following :
youtube-dl [url-video-in-youtube]

Good luck !!!

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A simple way to block porn sites using the Firefox browser.
  •     Install Firefox.
  •     click Tools -> Add Ons.
  •     Enter the keyword "Parental Control"
  •     Select Add ons that you like
  •     Click the "Add to Firefox"
Following recommendations from various sources for the Add-Ons that say simply and effectively used to block sites that are not good

  • FoxFilter - Recently called "THE Parental Control for Firefox"! FoxFilter is a personal content filter that helps block pornographic and other inappropriate content. All filtering features are free! Premium features available with small support fee. 

Website :

  • BlockSite - BlockSite is an extension, which automagically blocks websites of your choice. Additionally, this extension will disable all hyperlinks to these websites, by just displaying the link text without the clicking functionality

Website  :

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Here is the download link of all the existing drivers on Toshiba Laptop Satellite Series L510

This program has a format .exe, the program was created with applications Driver Genius Professional Edition 10, prepared by backing up all the drivers from the Toshiba Satellite L510 laptop with operating system Windows 7 Home Premium. To run this program is very easy, after you reinstall your laptop with the new windows, run this program by right click and select Run as administrator and then follow the steps there. After all is finished restart your laptop and all the drivers already installed on your laptop.

Good luck !!!
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1. Online Home Courses
This site has been standing long enough and provides free English-language course that is easy for its users, most users of this site is people asia.

2. Free Home Language Lessons
Providers of online courses from the UK was supported by a number of organizations and universities to provide the materials. There are various categories: writing, speaking and English-language reading comprehension.

3. Test, Learn & Study Online Home
Here you can find the categories of English language tests to test your English language skills, learn English and directed by some sub-categories.

4. Advanced Home Lessons
Courses are offered from this site is to learn English for those who can already basics of English. This program is perfect if you want to deepen their reading ability to read and understand the English language that you often find in the literature books or the Internet.

5. Free Home Online Classes
Classes online at this site offers a variety of learning english language starting from grammar, writing, reading and levels such as beginner, intermediate and advanced.

6. Learning English
Courses from the BBC, one of the leading broadcasting media and the world's oldest English-language provides online courses that are also accompanied by an audio aid to improve the ability to hear and speak.

7. Essential Lessons for Beginning Home Learners
If you are a beginner to learn English, here you can see an important and simple lesson for beginners in order to facilitate you to learn.

8. Home Activities Online for Kids
If you have a child, brother or pupil, then this site can help them to learn English with the help of some simple visualization and interesting pictures for children.

9. Visual Home Activities for ESL Students
Visual learning english for elementary and junior high students have a variety of features such as images and audio to train pronunciation, conversation and so forth.

10. Activities for ESL Students
The site is almost similar to VisualESL above, but with the material and the interface of different sites.

11. ESL Online Learning Games
Learning english for children to be more exciting for the child when visualized with the game. You can find the games interesting to learn here.

12. Learning English for Kids
Learn english online tutoring provided by the famous British cultural institution has a lot of media, materials and learning category.

13. ESL and TOEFL Online Courses
Here you can find an online course English for ESL or TOEFL.

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Netcut is one application to control Internet access at a hotspot area, we like as a server at the hotspot area, with netcut we can decide on access to other users in the network with just one click. Allowable bandwidth on these networks can be easily mastered. Obviously this is very beneficial when we are in we will download or upload files from or to the internet. To be able to get it click the following link

Once downloaded, install the application on your laptop computer, then restart. Then run the application again and run your mission. To disconnect a PC that is connected at a hotspot network is just select one of the connected PC data list and then click Cut Off

Surely this is very detrimental to other users on the network. Then made an application to counteract the influence of these Netcut program. His name is "Anti Netcut". With Anti Netcut we can avoid the evil influence Netcut users. With Anti Netcut we can also monitor any people - people who use the program Netcut.

To get the program please click the following link

by Andy Kurnia Prayoga Made
Description: This application uses PHP and MySQL for the database. This application is based website. Application is made to store student data in the database and display the data in the form of websites. This application was made on the local computer, so to run it have to use XAMPP as the server. For more details, we just headed to the practice of manufacture.
Create a database with MySQL. The following syntax from the application database


DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `mhsstikom`.`mahasiswa`;
CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `mhsstikom`.`mahasiswa` (
  `nama` VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL DEFAULT '' ,
  `tgllahir` DATE NOT NULL DEFAULT '0000-00-00' ,
  `jenkel` ENUM('0','1') NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' ,
  `alamat` TEXT NOT NULL DEFAULT '' ,
  `namafoto` VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL DEFAULT '' ,
  PRIMARY KEY (`nim`),
  UNIQUE KEY nim (`nim`),
   KEY nim_2 (`nim`)

Here's the download link from the source code for this application

Student Information System - Click Here

After downloading it and then extract the file in the folder where you installed the htdocs in your XAMPP. You can use Dreamweaver to edit the look and configuration of this application.

Then run the application on your browser. I use Mozilla Firefox to view this website. Here's the view of this application

Good luck!
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if you create a blog using service will display the default icon blogger will decorate your blog name in the address bar of your browser. To replace it easy enough. You can just add the following script on the script some of your blog template. Here are the steps

1. Login to your blogger
2. Then select the design - the edit html
3. Search
4. Then before the code is type the following script
<link href='' rel='SHORTCUT ICON'/>

5. Replace with the image url of your choice
  • use an image with size 32 x 32 or 48 x 48
  • url can be found by searching your favorite pictures in or you can upload your own pictures on sites like photobucket or something else and then get the address of your image file
6. After that click save template and then see the display icon of your blog.
7. Good luck!

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Merk : Acer
Type : AS4741G-464G64Mn
Proccessor : Intel Core i5-M460 2,53GHz
Harddisk : 640 GB
VGA : Nvidia Optimus GT420M/1626MB dedicated 128MB
Features : WebCam, CardReader, Bluetooth,HDMI,WIFI, LAN
OS : Windows 7 Home Premium
Display : 14,0"HD Led LCD
Optical Drive : DVDRW
Color : Black

Price : Rp 7.400.000,00

Location : Gorinet Laptop - Jl. Trengguli no. 100 
                Bali - Indonesia

If you are interested, please leave a comment !!!

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